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sanindusa flow bed bathThe Flow is a simple elegant piece of bathroom furniture by Sanindusa. This futuristic wash basin is a simple circle with space for the water to flow through it seamlessly. Now, that’s quite unique Winking, first we’ve seen like it. Working with a stainless tap, the one knob control seems to float above the counter. The tap can be freestanding coming right out of your wall or you can add a zebra wood backsplash, which also matches the furniture, creating a unified flow. One look and it’s easy to see how they came up with such a befitting name to this beautiful bathroom furniture.

The furniture is available with a drawer or a door. Flow, also, can be customized with 6 different optional accessories. We love how much control you have over the bathroom furniture. Whether you want a plain mirror, or a free standing compact wash basin and door, you get the choice. To see all the choices you have in Flow, have a look at Sanindusa’s furniture.

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2 Comments so far to “Sanindusa Flow”
  1. stef Says:

    unique, but elegant. I like :)!

  2. Inkurtible Says:

    Looks pretty cool, but what prevents the water from splashing all over the place when it is turned on to more than a trickle?

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