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A True American Great Is Now Available For Your Home

What is one of the coolest American concepts known around the world? No, it’s not marshmallow topped sweet potato or Hollywood Glamour.

Open air Cinema is what we are talking about here!

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Now there is a new package available to consumers that gives the buyer everything they need to screen a film in their back yard.

The company that make this great product have been around for a while and are simply called Open Air Cinema.

This year though, they are releasing their biggest screen yet onto the market. At 16ft by 9ft, the screen is big enough to make you feel like you’re really at the real thing. It retails for about $999 although smaller versions of the screen are considerably cheaper.

openaircinema 2 tech gadgets

The Open Air Cinema screen is pretty unusual in some ways, for example, it is inflatable! The whole screen is filled with behemoth to keep it inflated.

If you live in the northern hemisphere then admittedly this may not strike you as being the prime time of year to buy outdoor entertainment but if you live in the southern hemisphere in say Australia then you still have many more months of sunshine and warm weather to enjoy. And for those folks living northern, don’t forget the sun will come back at some point!

The president of Open Air Cinema has great things to say about their new jumbo screen;

“The 16-foot screen is the largest screen available for backyard use on the market. This new size truly converts your backyard into a huge cinematic experience. With the included blower fan, it takes just a few seconds to inflate. And even though it is the biggest screen we recommend for home use, it is still easy to set up, use and take down.”

If you like the sound of owning one of these then head over to the Open Air Cinema site, to find out more…

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