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Montecarlo by SCIC

montecarlo kitchen kitchen

SCIC strives to create kitchens of your dreams, and their doing one heck of a job! The European kitchen cabinets SCIC creates are exquisite. The contemporary Montecarlo kitchen allows for optimization of space, ideal for a large or small space. Its space saving aspects will satisfy even the strictest of cooks. Also, a wonderful choice of kitchen for those with families. The Montecarlo is functional, friendly, and beautiful. This clean lined kitchen comes in 4 different finishes; oak ,grey oak, wenge, and laminate finishes. The cabinets themselves are made of steel finished aluminum with a glossy door that has an under top profile for easy opening. With these cabinets, you can choose whether you want drawer/cabinet pulls or not.

The clean seamless look of this kitchen will leave anyone marveling at it’s design. Just envision how easy it is to clean, just wipe down and your done. Now, that’s our type of kitchen Winking. To get more information and see more of the Montecarlo, simply go to SCIC.

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