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3 Fun Ideas 4 Kids

slide furniture 2
Wow! What an easy way to let kids get a lot of exercise in a very tiny space. Simply attach a slide to the side of the stairs!
bed furniture 2
A bed that can’t be outgrown: this former baby crib simply becomes a sofa-cum-lions-den as the baby outgrows it!

Kauffman Chair furniture 2
3. A chair designed by Architect Michelle Kauffman – designer of the gorgeous Glide House prefabs, with a twist. This chair is actually made entirely  of Kauffman-designed building blocks. Just the thing to bring out the creativity in your budding architect!

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5 Comments so far to “3 Fun Ideas 4 Kids”
  1. Dashiell Wood Says:

    I like the creativity done on the crib. Children will really have fun staying on this sofa-cum-lions-den bed.

  2. siteler ankara Says:

    very nice i like this..thank you very much

  3. Job and Career Forum · Says:

    the baby cribs should be as protected as possible and it should have additiona safety features '.;

  4. Alex Says:

    The slide is a brilliant idea!

  5. Moveis Says:

    great ideia

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