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Tokyo Weekly: Suppose Design Office & Ryuji Nakamura

suppose design office04 tokyo weekly

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez

Suppose design office is a design office that Makoto Tanijiri sponsors. Its work is done at the base of Hiroshima. They use bold structures and materials to construct their designs for residences, office buildings, bars, and restaurants.
House in Nishijo creates modern, current scenery by intentionally utilizing abstract light, cost related important matters, and natural land materials to create hills as a divider rather than leaving the ordinary scenery of box houses.

suppose design office06 tokyo weeklysuppose design office05 tokyo weekly

Design Team
Suppose Design Office: Makoto Tanijiri / Daisuke Maeda
NawakenJim: Kenji Nawa / Hitomi Shimoda(structure)

07 picture is a sketch of the structure drawn by Kenji Nawa

suppose design office07 tokyo weekly

Ryuji Nakamura

ryuji nakamura 01 tokyo weekly

His technique is a very unique one, beginning with an unusual approach to materials. He is a designer with rare skills, capable of changing something from space into a gallery while keeping an exquisite feeling of proportion. He has obtained high praises without resorting to minimalism. That’s not to say that it’s an excessive design style.

ryuji nakamura 02 tokyo weekly

Unfortunately he does not have any architectural pieces yet (presently in the process of planning). His extraordinary talent can be seen in his interior designs, and products. The model pictures that we are introducing here are exhibition designs from the Japanese Museum of Science of the future “ISS”. It’s an installation made of a cloth with a distinctive thickness.

03 is his exhibit at the “exhibition Ryuji Nakamura” at living design gallery, May 22–June 3.

ryuji nakamura 03 tokyo weekly

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