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Is This How to Design for Privacy?

I’m interested in the new architectural design vernacular being created to deal with a future with a harsher climate with far more extreme weather than we have been used to for the previous 10,000 years of civilized building.

SupposeHouse4 architecture

But another aspect of our future will be that on an increasingly crowded planet with 9 billion people the whole issue of privacy will become a more important design problem.
SupposeHouse5 architecture
And while it is Australian and Spanish architects; in nations devastated by climate change who are leading the way to showing us how to deal with our harsh future climate, it is Japan that is already experiencing the crowding that leads  Japanese architects to seek innovative solutions to privacy problems.
SupposeHouse3 architecture
On the one hand; this house in Saijo by Suppose Design Office does provide a little respite from having to face the neighbors.

SupposeHouse1 architecture
and once you inside there is at least the illusion that you are not on a suburban street.

SupposeHouse2 architecture
But I would definitely feel under siege in this house. How about you?

SupposeHouse6 architecture
Is this taking privacy to an extreme?

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  1. Seroga Says:

    Best Stealth House Design so far

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