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An Arty Retro Container Shed in Texas

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The perfect ’50s convertible sets off this retro blue container garden retreat in an artists community in San Antonio, from Texas architect Jim Poteet.

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The cool and hip container acts as both playhouse for the girls, a retreat for their mom, and a guest house for visiting artist friends.

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It is very much a part of its trendy ’50s garden setting.

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A large steel-and-glass window wall and the sliding glass doors make the 8 foot wide retreat from the sun feel bigger.

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Only two thirds of the length is used as living space, shortening the interior proportions from the original extreme of 8 ft by 40 ft.

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The near end was partitioned off as a garden shed, its industrial entrance left in the original state.

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Because a sink had to be in the living space, the architect mounted it on the far red wall – making it seem more like another sculpture in the art-filled space.

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Behind the far red wall, a small step leads right into the very retro composting toilet bathroom/shower.

texas8 green

Grey water from the sink and shower is captured in this large tub outdoors, filtered by the reeds, and then reused to water the garden.

texas2 green

The whole structure is raised off the ground on old telegraph poles. To top it off: a green roof.

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One comment so far to “An Arty Retro Container Shed in Texas”
  1. Alex @ Revedecor Says:

    This is gorgeous! If he would make some wheels for the container, would be more cool.

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