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Architects Design a Home That’s Just To Die For… for Crayfish???

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Here’s an architectural commission only the very unconventional folks at VisionDivision would undertake. A country gentleman was disturbed to find that his 10,000 crayfish were straying. They would leave his stream and head on over to the neighbor’s stream.

He needed a more alluring home designed for his crayfish.
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Like architects approaching any commission, first they sussed out the problem. Carefully assessing the stream, they found that a shortage of stones and hiding places caused the crayfish to go off in search of a “better home” – which for crayfish purposes is to hide from prey.

Also: calcite. It had to be made with Calcite. Crayfish love the stuff. It’s the granite counter-top of the crayfish world.
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Concrete construction, then, concluded the architects. And set to work. Their construction material? A lightweight moldable and water-resistant concrete mesh containing calcite.
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The result? Now safe from all those predators, these lovely concrete hiding places have holes in them so that water flows freely, so the crayfish are able to crawl into them and hide. And they did.

“The exquisite concrete endeavour is now resting in the stream waiting for its inhabitants to arrive. Walking on the flawless craftsmanship just one week after inauguration we met one of the first inhabitants staring at us from its new nest,” added the architects.

Clearly, this design is meeting with the approval of its new inhabitants. Now the crayfish are truly protected.
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Or so they think. Those mean architects at VisiionDivision included these cunningly handy hiding-place-lids in the ceiling of each crayfish dwelling. The country gentleman can simply raise the lid when it’s time to make his catch.
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After all, it’s not the crayfish, but the crayfish catcher who is paying the architects for their brilliant design. Oh, and it looks like the crayfish catcher’s friend and his joyously yappy dog will get to partake too. Poor crayfish!

Images:  Anders Berensson & Ulf Mejergren VisionDivision
Source: Arch Daily

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  1. Lance Winslow Says:

    Wow, this is a very wise strategy, kudos for this excellent design.

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