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In Your Future: a Greener TV

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One of the worst things you can do for the environment is to buy a humongous flat-screen TV.  Ever larger and larger televisions are fast becoming one of the biggest energy consumers in homes.

The IEA estimates that our ever larger TVs are now consuming as much as 15% of household power.

Along with being huge energy hogs, they are clogging landfills too. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 70% of heavy metals in landfill come from discarded electronics. With flat screen TVs getting bigger and cheaper every year, that problem is getting worse.

So this invention is a timely one.

Using a nano-tech material researchers at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Electrical Engineering have developed a new way to make low energy-using TVs using organic chemistry made from carbon. This would make flat screen TV production green and would also improve the sensitivity of medical equipment, like ultrasound machines.

Their new eco flatscreen TV would emit a light like a bright LED light. LEDs are already making a name for themselves for their incredibly frugal use of energy. As well as being more environmentally friendly, this new invention would make TVs cheap, too. Green and frugal!

Image: Flikr user Proyce
Source: Science Daily

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  1. Layla Says:

    Hmm, it's still better to not throw the old ones away if they're still working, or repair or donate them!!
    Even 'recycled in USA' schemes sometimes ended up in China in illegal dumps where iffy and unhealthy 'low-tech, highly toxic' practices of 'recycling' where 'everyday occurance'!!

  2. Susan Kraemer Says:


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