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Design Dilemma: Patio Inspiration for Warm Weather

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Spring is here, the days are getting longer, and it’s time to prepare for life outdoors. That means it’s time to think about patios! What does yours look like?
If your outdoor space isn’t quite what you’d hope, take a look at these spaces for ideas.
Protected Patios that Function as an Extension of the Indoors
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If you live in either a very hot, sunny climate or a very cool climate, you might find that a patio that functions almost as an extension of the indoors works best to protect from intense sun and heat, or, on the other hand, from rainy weather. These kinds of patios allow you to stay outdoors, even in less than ideal conditions. The above two pictures are examples. Both feature a solid construction roof and one even features an outdoor fireplace. Both also feature a wall of glass doors that can be opened up to bring the outside, inside and vice-versa.
The Outdoor Room
Some patios feel more like an open, outdoor room. Here are some examples:
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Above, this raised patio snuggled between two segments of a home truly feels like it’s own little room. The raised patio, the wall hangings and the furniture encourage the feeling. The tarp stretched overhead acts as a filter for the sun on especially bright days.
Below, the patio feels like an outdoor room because it is walled in on at least three sides. Wide, comfortable, cushioned furniture really makes this a spot feel like an outdoor family room.
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Who wouldn’t want to whip up a meal in this outdoor kitchen, complete with cupboards, a gas grill, a full-size refrigerator and a kitchen island? Hey, the burgers are almost ready!
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Below, this outdoor terrace feels very room-look, despite it’s relative simplicity. Vivid paintings, a container garden and a simple bench lend the space an easy structure.
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The Natural Space
While the patios above feature a lot of constructed space, the alternative is creating a simpler outdoor space with fewer “built” elements:
contemporary patio how to tips advice
Above, the patio has a natural feel, simply by virtue that it uses loose gravel as flooring rather than tiles or bricks.
traditional landscape how to tips advice
Here, this patio’s use of abundant plants in vases mixed with outdoor shrubs and trees lends a feeling of casual, natural openness. Below, a verdant surrounding of trees, and an uncovered patio right in the middle of it all, makes this space feel special.
traditional landscape how to tips advice
Whichever type of patio attracts you, keep in mind a few pointers to create an inviting space:
  • Consider your borders. Edging your patio area with plants can help your space feel more inviting and intimate.
  • Find a focal point. If you intend to use the space mainly for dining, make the table and chairs the centerpiece of your outdoor grouping. On the other hand, if you envision your space for just “hanging out” make outdoor chairs and couches the main focus.
  • Keep your mood in mind. What’s the feeling you’re going for? Modern and sleek? Quirky and offbeat? Moroccan? English manor? Mexican casita or Italian villa? Deciding on a feel up front will help you find cohesive garden furniture that will instantly speak to users.

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