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Tokyo Weekly: Drill Design & Minority Rev

2 1 tokyo weekly

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez

Yusuke Hayashi & Yoko Yasunishi

Each part of the design such as graphic design, package design, and spatial arrangement are done in tune with product design.
They are rarely featured in overseas media but their work is of high quality. They are easy to use and have great ideas and humor.
Once again their new work is at the product exhibit this year.

For those who garden in limited space such as a veranda, storage is a big issue. By designing a way to store the water vertically, space is saved as well as creating a beautiful shape.

3 1 tokyo weekly

A new tool which works as a scoop, dirt container, or funnel.
In searching for a functional shape they came up with a shape that looked like a bottle cut in half.
It can be turned upside down when stored.
Earned the good design award.


4 1 tokyo weekly
The rubber band holding the notebook together is also the title line. It makes you want to use it more than a regular notebook.

7 1 tokyo weekly7 2 tokyo weekly

A trash can be made completely of paper.
The colorful top hides the trash bag placed inside.

minority rev04 tokyo weekly

DESIGNER:Futatsumata Koichi
photo : Hiroshi Mizusaki

This was a project converting a storage building and factory on 5692.8 square feet of land into an apparel store. A new trial approach to rebuilding a structure that is the most environmentally friendly both inside and out.
Futatsumata Koichi’s work covers a wide rage of genres with high quality jobs. He works mainly in Fukuoka, which is 1000km away from Tokyo and also holds Tokyo office.

minority rev03 tokyo weekly

minority rev02 tokyo weekly

minority rev01 300x162 tokyo weekly

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