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Tips For The Perfect Bedroom

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Sleep is essential for humans to gather the energy they need to survive, so don’t let your bedroom be the last room in the house that needs re-decoration. Here a a few tips to help you make the most of your boudoir:

– A colored sheet can add a pleasing splash of color to a tired looking bed and it needn’t blow your budget either. Buy some fabric dye either on the internet or at a store and just chuck it in the washing machine along with a white sheet and prepare to be amazed when the cycle finishes and the sheet has a new lease of life.

– Small details can have just the same impact as huge statement pieces you just have to pick them carefully. What about an antique suitcase at the end of the bed for extra storage or how about a nice spider plant to give you that tropical feel?

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– If you are planning on buying a whole new bed then it is wise to opt for the best quality mattress your budget can stretch too. Save money on a less expensive bed frame and then you can splash out on luxury cushions and accessories, as long as the mattress is comfortable you’ll get a sound nights sleep.

– An elegant full length mirror can really transform a drab, dull bedroom into a glamorous bedroom come dressing room, and you should be able to get a really beautiful mirror that will last for ages for under $300.

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    I was wondering if you could tell me where i could buy that bed in the image of 'bedroom french' please

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