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Top Tips For Stylish Storage

This innovative Rolling shelf is designed by Catherine Greene,

This innovative Rolling shelf is designed by Catherine Greene,

Storage needs to be practical. You need to be able to keep all your stuff in it, but for anyone who loves interior decoration, it also needs to be stylish. Here is a list of things you should consider when kitting yourself out with new shelving and also a look at what is available out there.

– The unit used in the house below is a great way of storing a lot of things but without the downside of the shelving encroaching on the space in the room. This is achieved by building the shelf into the wall rather than placing it in front of the existing wall.

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You need to consider what you want to store in your new unit. Do you want to store small items or large items? This is important because it will affect what size your shelves need to be.

Where will you be placing the shelves? Think about this as there needs to be enough room and also the shelving needs to blend in with the rest of the decor.

-Also think about whether you need to be able to access what you are storing. If you don’t then you could have shelving that runs around the top of the room, for example.

Last but by no means least, be creative! Take these coat stands for instance, they are absolutely beautiful but very practical for storing hats and coats. They would look great in the bedroom too, if you use them to hang colorful dresses from.


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