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The Best and Brightest from Yellow Goat Design

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This is a guest post by author Kurti Monnier.
To those of you who say Australia is expendable I ask you this:  Where would Winnie the Pooh be without Kanga and Roo?  Probably off in a bar somewhere drinking a Fosters and watching Steve Irwin wrestle crocodiles on the television.  He certainly wouldn’t be keeping your kids company while you surf the web looking for the latest breakthrough in lighting design.

Well now the Aussies can assist in that endeavor as well.  The good folks over at Yellow Goat Design have brought us some of the most innovative lighting concepts HDF has seen to date.  Yellow Goat has dozens of lights of all different types: ceiling lights, wall lights, desk lights.

While some of these fixtures could light up anyone’s day with their greatness, others are so awful they should be flushed counter-clockwise down an Australian toilet.  Such a range in quality has inspired us at Home Design Find, so without further ado we bring you our first ever “Best of the Best, Worst of the Worst: Home Design Countdown!”

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3rd Worst: Box Breakout
Coming in at third from the bottom is the Box Breakout, the behemoth of a light seen here:

breakout box lighting

Considering the creepiness of these life-size manikins, it is no surprise that there is no one eating in this restaurant.  My advice to Yellow Goat?  If you’re going to Photoshop your design into a picture to fool people that someone bought your product, at least choose one where it doesn’t look you scared away all the customers.

3rd Best: The Bamboo Box

bamboo box lighting

While ironically having the same alliterative initials as the horrid Box Breakout, the Bamboo Box is the perfect compliment to any home seeking an Eastern flavor.  The light brown of the wood blends in well with a variety of ceilings, and the semi-translucent siding has a nice appeal.  This design certainly justifies harvesting a bamboo forest.  Sorry, Panda.

2nd Worst: Podman Floor Light

podman lighting

With it’s clashing colors and abnormal shape this atrocious floor lamp looks like something a fat princess would wear to a sixteenth century ball.  Sorry Podman, but no one would dance with you.  Maybe if you showed a little more bulb though…

2nd Best: Billiard Table Light

billboard tabe light lighting

Want to make friends?  Buy a pool table.  Want to impress them?  Compliment it with Yellow Goat’s Billiard Table Light.  Notice how the clever multi-tiered design uses the fading of the light itself to contrast between the far and near sections of the lamp.  While losing points due to the limited market for pool table lights in the home, this elegant fixture is easily worthy of its second place finish.

1st Worst: Tears

tears lighting

The appropriately named “Tears” is by far the lowest rated design in Yellow Goat’s repertoire.  In what can only be described as extravagantly unpleasant, the team at Yellow Goat has managed to create a chandelier that looks both expensive and cheap at the same time.  If you gave a million dollars to a bum and told him to build you a lamp this is what you’d get, along with a severe sense of guilt when you realize how happy he’d have been had you just given him that much in spare change.

1st Best: And the winner is…

The Tango Wall!

tango2 lighting

This wall lamp is beautiful in its simplicity.  At just a fraction of the cost of the losing Tears chandelier, the Tango Wall’s wavy design is aesthetically pleasing without taking over the room.  While pictured here on a wood panel wall, the Tango could easily enhance a room of almost any style.  The optional poly, paper, and fabric shade options allows this light to be customized to the desired look and brightness.
tango lighting
The Tango Wall’s uniqueness and flexibility make it a winner in our book.

That’s it for our Lighting Best of the Best, Worst of the Worst.  Let us know what you think!

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  1. Brian Says:

    This is an outstanding post!!

  2. Kurti Monnier Says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, Brian! I’d be interested to hear other people’s opinions on these products; do you guys agree with the rankings or am I way off base?

  3. Bill Says:

    I agree with the rankings – I wish I had room for a pool table and that awesome light!! Nice work, this post seems a little different than the others – are you a new writer? If so, keep up the good work – and I look forward to reading more from you. Have a great day!

  4. Kurti Monnier Says:

    Thanks for your interest Bill. This is my first time writing for HDF, keep an eye open, I should have some more posts coming soon.

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