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Design Dilemma: What to do when you have no windows

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So how do you light your home when you have no windows? Put the windows in the ceiling, of course! Or, at least, that’s what the Japanese architect Takeshi Hosaka opted to do in this house located in Yokohama, Japan.

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The house has been dubbed “The Daylight House”. That’s because the roof is composed of a series of deep skylights, one right next to the other. The depth of the skylights filter the sun, providing a natural illumination that changes continuously throughout the day. The architect opted for this choice, since the home is located in a dense urban area filled with skyscrapers and commercial buildings. By moving the windows to the roof, the house retains ultimate privacy and quiet… in other words a perfect zen retreat.

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Above is a view of what the skylights look like. Below, check out the bedroom and study:

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And here an overall view of the space:

08 b daylight house how to tips advice

Here’s what the exterior of the house looks like:

18 b daylight house how to tips advice

And here’s a birds-eye view. Both pics above and below give you a better idea why the architect opted to put the windows in the roof, rather than on the sides of the structure.

17 b daylight house how to tips advice

Aside from the roof of skylights, the space successfully pulls in light by:

  • Staying white and bright. A darker color on walls and floors would have made the space feel like a cave, rather than an open airy loft.
  • Using reflective, light color flooring, Polished concrete floors bounce light around the space.
  • Keeping furnishings to a minimum. The minimal look perpetuates the feeling of openness and light. There are no dark furnishings or carpets to absorb light.

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