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The Atlantique Collection From Florence Collections

main interiors

Definitely worth a quick browse this week is the Atlantique Collection from luxury furniture company Florence Collections. They sell high impact, well designed and beautifully finished items that will make your home feel like a designer hotel.

Look at this living/dinning room below, all the furnishings and accessories ooze opulence but with out being vulgar or pretentious .The sprinkling of metals like gold and chrome also gives the room an understated sparkling sheen.

hdflivingroom interiors

This other room is less a dinning room and more of an entertainment room with its semi-circular bar in the right hand corner. The shapes and designs in this room pay homage to the Art Deco Style from the 1920’s and 30’s. The large rounded dinning table and crystal chandeliers lend a sense of old school cruise ship glamour to the room. Also check out the interesting use of patterned material on the arm chairs and dinning chairs.

hdfdinningroom interiors

These chunky brown leather armchairs are a complete classic and will remain looking stylish for decades to come. Hard wearing and solid, you may never need to buy another arm chair again. Its very interesting as well, that they have placed these chairs up against a gold leaf wall. The contrast of textures between the two really awakens the senses.

hdfchairs interiors

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