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Take A Peek At This Gem

delta1 tech gadgets

This site Deltacalor, is making some interesting moves in the world of heating. All of its pieces have been designed not only to provide heat to your home, but also to add a pinch of style and a dash of sophistication to your bathroom.

The company says of its products: “innovation is expressed through ingenuity, design and technology made in Italy.”

delta2 tech gadgets

This particular product called Stendy Electric is a stand-out item because of its dual purpose qualities. It’s a radiator that lays flat against the wall and acts as a heater to warm the whole room, but then you can pull out the rails at right angles and use it to dry clothes or have it as a heated towel rail. Lovely, how luxurious!

Streamline, smart, contemporary, and functional the Stendy’s got it all.

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