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Tokyo Weekly: Nakae Architects & Musvi Point Design

002 tokyo weekly

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez
NE apartment
Nakae Architects

003 tokyo weekly

071206 tokyo weekly
Associate design
Takagi Akiyoshi /takagi akiyoshi architectural design firm office
Oono Hiroshi /ohno Japan

011 tokyo weekly

The Condominium contains eight family units in three levels including a bike garage.  By arranging curved walls an elegant space on each unit is created.

015 tokyo weekly021 tokyo weekly

Photos : Hiroyasu Sakaguchi

ni msv1 tokyo weekly

Design : Point
ni msv2 tokyo weekly
The designers of musvi, point, is a team that was put together by
Nagaoka Tsutomu, an architect.

ni msv3 tokyo weekly
He is also a well-known member of the management shaaoffice co- lab.
This office is full of vigorous energy with many young creators.
It is s jewelry shop specializing in wedding rings.
The brand name musvi means knot and is created with fine ribbons.
Different appearances and spaces are achieved by cris-crossing the fine ribbons together.

ni msv4 tokyo weekly

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