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Tokyo Weekly: TNA Architects and Vinta Design

01 tokyo weekly
Photo by Daici Ano

Written by Keiji Ashizawa
Translated by Hannah Hernandez

Multi-complex house by Makoto Takei / Chie Nabeshima of TNA Architects

Next to the forest

TNA is a team made up of two architects, Makoto Takei and Chie Nabeshima. Although this design is simply a multi-complex house, the Ring house that these two have designed has been featured on last years cover of the architecture review. Their precise detail work and bold concepts can be seen despite the large scale of these designs, in all of their work including the home above.

03 tokyo weekly07 tokyo weekly08 tokyo weekly11 tokyo weekly14 tokyo weeklyp70b tokyo weekly
Photos by Daici Ano

Toshitaka Nakamura


light tokyo weekly

This light uses the concept of folding paper as its basis. It has the simplicity of one plane creating a different atmosphere in a matter of two minutes by unfolding into a functioning modulated light, emitting calming lights. From the way the paper is folded in a non parallel way, the concept of “unfolding” can most likely be associated with this light. It produces an attractive look of a butterfly quietly fluttering in space.


stroke01 tokyo weekly

This vase is constructed of one tube being bent. It transforms the image from water just “passing” through the vase to flowers being “arranged.” A concept that seems simple constructs a more complex atmosphere. By combining these concepts together a look with more stability is constructed.

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