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Architectural Design with Storm Surges in Mind

iseami house 1 architecture

Use rot-proof materials

The  Iseami House in the Costa Rica jungle is built with plastics and metals that resist corrosion in flooding.

Iseami House3 architecture

Building without using wood that can absorb water and become rotten is the best material for flood zones.

rollinghut1 architecture

Build on stilts

This tiny prefab on stilts is sited in a flood plain meadow in an alpine river valley.

rollinghut2 architecture

The construction of each hut is just an offset steel clad box on a steel platform with a wood deck on top.

Outdoor living is at a higher level, the decks comprise about half the space.

Pearl 6 architecture

Make it aerodynamic

The Pearl from David Fanchon has a round dome shape that delivers Category 5 protection from high winds, storm surges and wild coastal weather.

Pearl 1 architecture

Normally, I’d say a round house is not for everyone… but this?

photographer12 architecture

Surround it

This vacation house for the fashion photographer José Manuel Ferrater, in Barcelona hardly looks like it’s in a flood prone region – but it is.

The dry white stucco is reminiscent of the parched dry desert.

photographer5 architecture

The arid Costa del Azahar does suffer occasional winter flooding.

Carlos Ferrater surrounded the property with a reinforced perimeter wall which channels floodwaters around the vacation house property in the flat low-lying barren landscape.

Mos Huron floating boathouse1 architectureOr go with the flow

This floating summer boathouse-cum-holiday home was designed by MOS Architects with an internal dock to bring the family boat right into its own floating “garage” underneath.

Mos Huron floating boathouse2 architecture

Gigantic steel pontoons keep the vacation house-cum-boathouse afloat.

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