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City Planning for Coastal Flooding: Architectural Ideas

vertical villages for european snowbirds 1 architecture

We’ve covered some innovative ideas for coastal planning like this eco-retirement community sited on viaduct sized stilts in Europe.

wetropolis 2 architecture

Thailand brings us this concept. Three hundred years ago, when Bangkok was founded at sea level, a city at sea level made sense because of the ease of moving trade goods by boat on water, rather than by water buffalo on land.

wetropolis 3 architecture

But Bangkok is now threatened with of rising seas and planners are looking at adapting to a more watery future, like this idea from S+PBA architects.

floating townhouses 1 architecture

This concept is a little more down to earth.

float architecture

This neighborhood of elegant floating townhouses comes from Amsterdam, where Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer was commissioned to design seventy five townhouses on the water.

floating townhouses 4 architecture

The back of the last row of floating townhouses are docked off a quay at water’s edge.

Floating docks connect to the remainder.

Waterstudio1 architecture

Dutch Waterstudios offer another classic and elegant solution for a group of townhouses from Holland, where managing sea level has centuries of thought behind it.

Waterstudio4 architecture

Dutch architect Koen Olthius designed a community that floats as sea levels change.

NYC 2400 human heritage site architecture

The last best option, the worst case scenario, would be preserving a major city merely as a heritage site, a city-sized museum.

NYC in 2400 engineered architecture

Enrico Pieraccioli and Claudio Granato from Noci, Italy, took the Second Prize in the The New York City Vision competition, for imagining what it would take to preserve New York City for future centuries.

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