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Flood-Proofing Architecture for a Stormier World

This seems like a good time to review the best architectural ideas we’ve covered that safeguard against floods and coastal incursions during storm surges and hurricanes.

Civilization has always flourished near water, and communities have found ways of overcoming fluctuations in water levels.

Peek Ancona5 architecture

The ground floor of this flood proofed house on the California coast opens up to let floods pass. To reduce the destructive power of flood surges, the walls on the ground floor were designed to be flipped up, using a spring loaded mechanism. Only the load bearing structure remains. Vents at the bottom of the garage doors let water in as it begins to rise.

Flood house1 architecture

Some old structures can offers ideas as jumping off points for rebuilding, like this old British Lock Keeper’s dwelling.
Most of these ideas basically involve pole houses of one sort or another, like this flood proof home.
Peek Ancona3 architecture
The Peak Ancona House covers the poles, but once the walls flip up, that is essentially a pole house too.
Modular Kubo9 architecture
This flood-proof jungle concept house would work in other contexts, such as in a seaside community.
Modular Kubo8 architecture
Open porches created by the awnings would close down to protect the house during tropical storms.

flood house3 architecture

One way to disguise the empty space between the ground and the platform is to have stairs the full length of the platform the house sits on.

Sotogrande 1 architecture

Or you can celebrate the “open bottom” concept like this gorgeous house we covered by Legoretto in Spain. While not designed for flooding, it works.

mauritius02 architecture

As does this “living room underneath” concept from this hotel in Mauritius we covered earlier this year.

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2 Comments so far to “Flood-Proofing Architecture for a Stormier World”
  1. Pier Caps Says:

    Flooding is becoming more and more frequent in the UK and following our wettest summer ever this winter could prove to be the worst for flooding since records began. I think we'll have to start taking some inspiration from the designs you've shown.

  2. Senior Says:

    Most people have or are beginning to realize global warming is having devastating effects & will continue to do so for some time to come even if we begin to make the necessary changes immediately.
    While these houses maybe well designed to withstand storms what about the surrounding infrastructure? If people insist on building below sea level and/or flood plains why should the rest of the country have to pay for cleaning up & repairing the infrastructure?

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