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Mine’s Mono: How To Make The Monochrome Look Work.

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A lot of people think that monochrome interior decoration is just black and white but it can be so much more.  It is true that the basis of the look is to oppose white and black but there are things you can do to make the effect a little more interesting.

– If you are someone that just can’t live without an abundance of color in your home then don’t dismiss monochrome as the look can be created using another color apart from black. The background color should remain as white but there is no reason why you can’t choose say red or purple hues as part of your monochrome scheme. For example, a white room with a red chair and an orange cushion, red picture frames on the wall, possibly even a red floor.

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– Using black and white photographs is a great way of tieing together the whole monochrome effect in your home. Its your choice as to whether you want to place them on a white wall or a black wall- Placing them on a black wall will give a more dramatic, art deco feel where as putting them on a white wall will give a more a minimalist, graphic feel to the room.

– To get a bit of visual variety going on in the room make sure to pick furniture and items that are different textures and finishes. The idea is that this will help to keep the eye entertained as well as creating a sleek, sophisticated, timelessly glamorous feel. There are many different materials that juxtapose each other well, metal works well against wood as does plastic and raffia or wicker looks striking against concrete.

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– Think about arranging a bouquet of brightly colored flowers in the monochrome room as they will really stand out plus the simple black and white background will show off their natural beauty and color.

– Monochrome is a fantastic color scheme to use when creating optical illusions so it’s worth thinking about whether you would like a mesmerizing focal point for your room. Its up to you as to what exactly you want but you’ve got options. You could get a local art student to knock you up a reasonably priced illusionary canvas, or you could even employ an architect and make structural changes to the room to really baffle visitors.

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– If you don’t want to extend the monochrome look across a whole room then think about going semi-monochrome. This can be achieved by wallpapering one main wall in a big, bold black and white pattern design. This is a great route to take if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on redecorating. To complete the semi-monochrome scheme place some black or white furniture in front of the wall, along with a couple of like colored accessories.

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2 Comments so far to “Mine’s Mono: How To Make The Monochrome Look Work.”
  1. Marie T Says:

    i simply love the monochromatic look! However, I’ve tried and failed! I love the look you’ve put together. Very aesthetic.

  2. eknightsbridge Says:

    Marie: Thank you for you kind comments. Maybe try just one corner in monochrome and then see how you can build it up. Also don’t forget it doesn’t have to black and white! Good luck!

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